Upcoming Webinar - Beyond the Professoriate

beyond the professoriateOn September 21, Beyond the Professoriate is holding a webinar titled "How to put together a teaching portfolio if you don't have any teaching experience." Starting at 12 PM, this webinar will be helpful for graduate students who may be looking to put together materials for job applications,

but haven't had any teaching experience. Or rather, this will highlight the relevant experience that most graduate students already have - without realizing it!

This event is free, but registration is required. Follow the link here: https://institutions.beyondprof.com/webinar-how-to-put-together-a-teaching-portfolio/

And as a general reminder, all AAR members have access to Beyond the Professoriate through their regular membership fees. Check out their website for more of the great programming they offer, and look out for upcoming events highlighted in AAR's monthly Events and Opportunities page.