Grad Student Workshop - Religious Studies Beyond the Discipline

If you’re planning to attend the upcoming EIR Annual Meeting at U of T (May 2-4), make sure to check out the Graduate Student Workshop. Happening Thursday May 2 from 4:30-5:30 in the Jackman Humanities Building (JHB 318), join us as we explore Religious Studies Beyond the Discipline: A Roundtable Discussion.

EIR Student Director Htet Min Lwin and EIR Vice President Damon Berry will be joined by Russell McCutcheon and Thomas J. Whitley to reflect on the future possibilities for preparing graduate students for their diverse careers and futures.

For a full description of the event, see below! Anyone interested in attending can also read the 2022 article on the same topic, published in NAASR’s Bulletin for the Study of Religion, included here: Religious Studies Beyond the Discipline. Please note that this event is not just open to graduate students. All are welcome!

Panel Description

In 2022, Andrew Ali Aghapour, Shannon Trosper Schorey, Thomas J. Whitley, Vaia Touna, and Russell T. McCutcheon wrote a "manifesto" that marked an ongoing discussion about the future and future possibilities of specialized training in Religious Studies. In this roundtable, we will further engage in that conversation for those in our region to facilitate further engagement with a "variety of practical suggestions for how programs in our field can make tactical and substantive changes to better prepare graduate students for a far wider variety of professional futures, inasmuch as we all know that few, at least for the foreseeable future, will ever be hired as tenure-track faculty members."