EIR at the AAR Annual Meeting

With the AAR’s Annual Meeting just around the corner, the EIR wants to spotlight the work being presented by members in our region. Below are just a couple of highlights from the upcoming meeting

  • On Friday evening, join Seth Schermerhorn from Hamilton College and other scholars for a screening and conversation around the documentary film ‘Pilgrimage to Magdalena.’ Happening in Convention Center-Mile High 4A (Lower Level)
  • Saturday morning, from 9-11, Pamela McCarroll from Emmanuel College presents research on multiple responses to climate trauma, from denial and grief to eco-activism. This panel from the Psychology, Culture, and Religion Unit is happening in Convention Center-109 (Street Level)
  • On Saturday from 9-11, Shuaib Ally from McGill University is presenting a paper that examines Quranic riddles and trivia in poetic verse. This panel co-sponsored by the Qur’an Unit and Study of Islam Unit is happening in Convention Center-504 (Street Level)
  • Saturday morning, from 9-11, Daniel Fishley from McGill University is presenting on the scholarship of Grace Jantzen and how the mystical and material operate in her work. Sponsored by the Mysticism Unit, this panel is happening in Convention Center-507 (Street Level)
  • Also Saturday morning, 9-11, Christopher Jensen from Carleton University is one of many panelists discussing Comparative Methods in Undergraduate Pedagogy. A great panel for those interested in how recent years have transformed teaching about religion. Happening in Convention Center-Mile High 4D (Lower Level)
  • At the intersections of technology and religion, Amarnath Amarasingam and Jordan Loewen-Colon will be presenting their research on Burning Man and its transformation in the virtual realm. Happening Saturday from 9-11, in convention Center-501 (Street Level)
  • Saturday afternoon, from 3-4:30, Hannah Scanlon (University of Toronto) is discussing the non-human Creature as teacher in Karl Barth’s writings. Happening in Convention Center 507 (Street Level)
  • Sunday morning from 9-11, this panel from the Anthropology of Religion Unit has presentations from 2 scholars from the region. Join Christina Pasqua (U of T) and Sowparnika Balaswaminathan (Concordia) presenting on the panel ‘Ethnographic Perspectives on Material Religion.’ Taking place in Hyatt Regency-Mineral D (Third Level)
  • On Sunday morning, 9-11, the AAR Women’s Caucus is holding a panel that spotlights new books on gender and religion. Among the panelists, Naomi Goldenberg (University of Ottawa) and Kathleen McPhillips discuss their book The End of Religion: Feminist Reappraisals of the State. Happening in Convention Center-112 (Street Level)
  • On Sunday from 12:30-2, Sana Patel from UOttawa is presenting researching on practice among young Muslims in online and offline spaces. This panel from the Study of Islam Unit is taking place in Convention Center-505 (Street Level)
  • Sunday evening, from 5-6:30, Jeremy Cohen (McMaster) shares his research in a panel on the spiritual dimensions of virtual realities. Learn about the complex feelings that communities have towards technology, death, and spirituality. Happening in Hyatt Regency-Mineral G (Third Level)
  • Monday from 9-11, Christina Pasqua is presenting on knowledge and sexuality in the Buffyverse. This panel from the Religion and Popular Culture Unit celebrating 25 years since the premiere of Buffy is happening in Convention Center-108 (Lower Level)
  • On Monday afternoon, from 5-6:30, Emma J. Anderson from the University of Ottawa is presenting research on a True-Crime Canadian Catholic ‘Cold Case’. This panel on Catholic Horror is happening in Hyatt Regency-Granite A (Third Level)
  • Tuesday morning from 8:30-10, Sharday Mosurinjohn is presenting on a panel from the Science, Technology and Religion Unit, examining the intersections between religion, the body, and technology. Her presentation, which explores VR simulation, AI, and psychotherapy, is happening in Hyatt Regency-Mineral G (Third Level)

Looking forward to hearing this great research, and connecting with all of our members at the upcoming Meeting!