About the President


ABRAHIM H. KHAN, B. S. (Howard), B. D. (Yale), M. A., Ph.D. (McGill), Dr. h.c. (UKF, Nitra) is a professor and Graduate Director in the Faculty of Divinity, Trinity College, University of Toronto. He is cross appointed to the Graduate Department for the Study of Religion of the University, and a member of its Centre of Ethics and Joint Centre for Bioethics.

The span of his teaching, research, and publication includes Kierkegaard’s thought; cross-cultural and comparative studies in religion; science and religion; philosophy of religion; philosophical-theological ethics; religion, healing, and medicine; and religion and international diplomacy. 

In that span is an Islamic thought stream  of  publication that includes “Islamic Influence in the Caribbean: Traditional and Cultural Healing Practice”( 2013). “Muhammad Iqbal and Kierkegaard’s Judge William” (2011),  “The Idea of Person with Reference to Islam"(1990), and “Muhammad as Object and Subject" (1978). and “The Centre Out There for Early Pre-Islamic Pilgrims: Is the Kab'ah the Original Sacra of Mecca?" (1995), "Indian Identity and Religion in Caribbean Literature: Shikwa/Complaint'' (1998.

Recent  publications include in 2018 “Detecting the Invisible Socrates in Kierkegaard’s writings,” “Kierkegaard Americanus: towards a comparative analysis unit;” “Tagore and Kierkegaard as Resources for Political Theolog,” and "Kierkegaard’s Works of Love as Resource for Learning to Be Human: A Starting Point," In 2019-21 were added “Understanding (Forstand) in Kierkegaard’s Religious Discourses,” “Christianity, Healing and Mental Health,” co-author Sandra Dixon;  and  “Den Enkelte as Socio-political in Kierkegaard Texts.”

He served on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Federation of the Humanities (1992-95), is a former president of the Canadian Theological Society, and chaired the Department of Theology, Toronto School of Theology (2007-09). In the American Academy of Religion, he chaired the program units Kierkegaard Seminar and History of the Study of Religion for five years each.  A senior fellow at Harvard University’s Center for the Study of World (1997), he served on the executive of the International Association for the History of Religions (2005-15).  Former vice- president, he is currently President of the Eastern International Region in the national American Academy of Religion (2021-)

Abrahim Khan is editor of the Toronto Journal of Theology (2004-), a co-editor of  Acta Kierkegaardian, (Nitre), and serves on the editorial or advisory board of eight international journals (South Africa, Belgium,  Slovenia, Slovakia, Macedonia, Iran, Bangladesh, India and Canada)., some of which he is actively  advising/ mentoring  personnel. He is currently on the Board of Directions for the Canadian Association of Learned Journals (2021-) , and is convenor of the Toronto School of Theology Virtual Forum Series, Doing Theology during epochal shifts: fears and hopes Shifts: